South Africa

South Africa Domestic Airports

South Africa homes many smaller airpots across the country, these airports are ideal for tourists who wish to cross the vast country in quick time. Budget airlines fly to most of these airports from all major centers, offering the traveller cheap air travel across SA.

East Lsteondon's airport is small but plays an important role in the growing tourism economy of the Earn Cape.

Kimberley Airport is situated in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, the airport handles about 80 000 travellers each year. Kimberley’s main tourist attraction is the Big Hole, a massive hole carved out over many years by early diamond hunters.

Pilanesberg Airport is situated about 2 hours west of Johannesburg close to Sun City. Pilanesberg Airport is perfectly situated to give users access to game reserves and world-class golf courses in the North West province.

Upington Airport is small and situated in the Northern Cape of South Africa. Most of the flights which land and depart at the airport are cargo flights, at the warm summer months about one million tons of grapes leave the town every year. As well as many cargo flights, each day two scheduled SA Airlink flights' carry passengers to Johannesburg.

Kruger Mpumalanga Airport caters for around 20,000 travellers per year. Many of these passengers are on there way to the Kruger National Park for a safari break - the airport is approximately half and hours drive from the famous South African park.

Port Elizabeth Airport is situated within five minutes drive from the city centre. The airport currently handles more than 1 million passengers per year, servicing all major South African domestic flight routes.