South Africa

Customs Declaration Form for South Africa

Before arrival in the Republic of South Africa please ensure you have completed the South African Revenue Services Customs Declaration. These are handed out just before landing.

How to complete the declaration form

  • Answer in English
  • Print in capital letters
  • Mark boxes with an X
  • Each traveller [or legal guardian in the case of minors] must sign the declaration.

After collecting your baggage you must proceed to the Red - Goods to Declare or Green - Nothing to Declare channel;

  • If you have any prohibited or restricted goods and/or goods which fall outside your duty free allowance upon your person, or if you are unsure whether any goods in your possession fall within these categories, please proceed to the Red Channel.
  • If you only have goods which fall within your duty free allowance, please proceed to the Green Channel.

Customs Notes:

  • You may be stopped and questioned by a Customs Officer. Your baggage may also be subjected to a search.
  • The customs declaration is a legal document and filling in a false declaration may lead to penalties, confiscation of goods, prosecution or imprisonment.